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Objectives & Strategies


  • To carry out research on democracy, governance, peace and development in order to assist policy-makers in the development of public policies;
  • To promote dialogue with and among stakeholders so as to get an agreement on important issues that affect them and through capacity building increase the ownership of decisions on these issues and of different development projects
  • To increase citizens’ participation in national and regional integration.


The achievement of these objectives is based on the following strategies:

  • Research to provide evidence
  • Capacity building of all stakeholders in order to enhance the ability to deliver
  • Policy dialogue on issues raised from research
  • Working towards an enabling environment that can promote democracy, peace, development, and good political, economic, social and corporate governance
  • Conferences, workshops and seminars to disseminate the results of research and enhance political and civic culture conducive to democracy, good governance, peace and development.